Debate: Newspapers on Trial (Docfest 2011)


Sunday 13th November 11.15am

Anna Ford

We mount a controversial debate on the future of the press when the very survival of many print newspapers is in jeopardy. Is a ‘free’ press still possible? How far can we trust unmediated news reports arriving by blog and mobile phone? What are the consequences of the phone hacking scandal for investigative journalism? Major journalists who are key players in the media set out these and other issues. The audience will be invited to have their say.

Anna Ford’s broadcasting career spans more than 30 years. She presented the BBC’s Six O’Clock News, Radio 4’s Today and later the One O’Clock News.  She is Chair of Sainsbury’s  Corporate Responsibility Committee and a Chancellor of the University of Manchester.


James Harding –  Editor of  The Times and author of Alpha Dogs, the story of the backroom strategists on every US presidential contest from Nixon to Obama.


Ian Katz – Deputy Editor of The Guardian, creator of The Guardian website, and a central figure in co-ordinating the collaboration between five international newspapers and Julian Assange.


Roger Graef – acting Head of the Media Standards Trust,  an award winning filmmaker and criminologist.  His films have influenced policing and criminal justice policy.  He is the author of Talking Blues, Living Dangerously, and Why Restorative Justice?